Swaziland (eSwatini)
February 2016 - Swaziland, Lesotho en South Africa



17,363 km²
(0.41x the Netherlands)


UTC +2


English, Swazi

Highest point

Emlembe peak - 1,862 m


the flag was adopted on October 6, 1968 after independence from England on September 6, 1968. It is based on a design by King Sobhuza II from 1941. The red represents the battles of history, the blue represents peace and stability and yellow represents natural resources. In the center is a shield and two spears, protection against the enemies of Swaziland. Black and white represent the peaceful society of the black and white population.


Most precipitation is from October to March. The table below shows the average temperature.


Temp. (°C) Jan Apr Jul Okt
max 25 23 20 23
min 15 12 5 15

The lilangeni was introduced in 1974. Depicted are an elephant, rhinoceros, lion, flowers and a bird.



The Mlilwane Wildlife sanctuary, 4,560 Hectare big, is located in the eZulwini valley (place of heaven). Mlilwane is the name for the small fire that starts after lightning strikes granite rocks. There are mainly herbivores in the reserve. Spend the night in 'beehives', large round huts where antelopes and zebras graze nearby. The park was founded in 1961 after much lobbying from Ted Reilly, the son of a British soldier. Bird lovers and hikers will also get their money's worth here. The walk to Nyonyane, a granite rock also known as the execution rock, is highly recommended.

You can buy the big five, made out of stone on the mountain pass Piggs peak. There's a view of Lake Maguga. Swaziland is known for its sculptors who mainly make sculptures of sandstone. Near the capital Mbabane you can visit the Ngwenya glassworks. You can take a look at the glassworks from a balcony. In the shop, beautiful articles of glass are sold such as glasses and animals. In Swazi Candles Craft Center in Malkerns, candles are manufactured in the shape of animals.

The market in Manzini is also worth a visit. The ground floor in a large hall is reserved for fruit and vegetables and the 1st floor is full of souvenirs. You can also buy many herbs and braid.