February 2016 - Lesotho, Swaziland en South Africa



30,355 km²
(0.73x the Netherlands)


Utc +2


Sesotho, English

Highest point

Thabane Ntlenyana - 3,482 m


The current flag was adopted in honor of 40 year of independence on October 4, 2006. The colors blue, white and green represent rain, peace and prosperity. In the center is a Basotho hat (Mokorotlo) which represents the population of Lesotho.


Most precipitation in high-altitude Lesotho is from November to April. Maseru is located at 1,528 meters and Semonkong at 2,223 meters. The temperature in the table is an average.


Temp. (°C) Jan Apr Jul Okt
max 28 21 16 24
min 14 8 -1 9


Temp. (°C) Jan Apr Jul Okt
max 23 17 12 19
min 9 3 -5 4

The Loti came into circulation in 1966. It replaced the South African Rand. However, the Rand is still legal tender. Depicted on the banknote are from left to right: King Moshoeshoe II (1965-1990) and (1995-1996), his son King Letsia III and King Moshoeshoe I (1822-1870), chief of the Basotho and founder of Basutoland, now Lesotho.



Lesotho is also called the kingdom in heaven because it is one of the few countries which lies entirely above 1,000 meters. The Basotho originally inhabited parts of what is now the South African province of Free State. They were driven out by other tribes and king Moshoeshoe chose Mount Thaba Bosiu as a safe place for his followers in 1824. The British occupied it in 1868 as the protectorate of Basotholand. In 1966 Lesotho became independent. The layer of sandstone that reaches up to 1,400 meters makes place for basalt above.

The road from the mission post Roma (built by French missionaries) to Semonkong is one of the most spectacular in Lesotho. 18.5 km past Roma there are two mountain with the name Thabana-Li-Mele (chest mountains). Semonkong is a city ??(actually village) that was founded in 1880. The only place to stay overnight is the Semonkong Lodge at the Maletsunyane River. The bridge to the lodge is flooded after heavy rainfall. In that case, the only way the lodge can be reached is by foot. One of the activities is a hike to the Maletsunyane (smoking water) waterfall, 5 km downstream. The hike goes over a ridge and then a valley with beautiful views. Just past a village is a deep impressive canyon. Moments later you come face to face with the highest continuous waterfall in the South of Africa, 204 meters high. The water thunders into a pool that freezes in winter. This waterfall has the highest abseil in the world.