My parents on a holiday
in 1958
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Maletsunyane Falls
Aeolian islands
Salar de Uyuni
Sri Lanka
Ruwanweliseya stupa
United states of America
Monument Valley
Costa Rica
Rio Colorado
Taj Mahal
Eilean Donan

Definition of travelling ... a translocation of one or more persons between geographical locations which are situated relatively far from each other, possibly including a short stay en route. Travelling can take place through walking, cycling, car, train, boat, plane or other means of transport, with or without luggage. It can include a one way or a return.

There are different forms of travelling: A holiday (from the Latin verb vacare = free from obligations), voyage of discovery, business or pilgrimage. Most trips on this website belong to the form of vacation. This means a stay for a period of five or more days with at least four consecutive overnight stays for recreational purposes away from home. The purpose of this website is to encourage and inspire people to travel. Away from daily activities. Change is not only exciting but also a stimulating experience. Getting to know other cultures, transport on unpaved roads, walking through beautiful landscapes, visiting local markets, spending the night at local people's homes, being invited to workshops where candy or skewers are made. Spend the night at a campsite where you have a view at Monument Valley from your tent or in hotel rooms where your towel is draped on the bed in the shape of a swan. On safari where you witness lions with a prey from a bus. Balloon rides over the Nile in Egypt or the karst mountains in China. In addition, there are the festivals. You'll arrive home with many stories to tell. I hope this website can move you to travel.

By clicking on one of the continent names in the menu bar you can go to the countries I have visited. Here you will find brief information about the country and the (visited) sights, some practical information, photos and a video on a number of pages. In most cases it concerns travel made with the following Dutch travel organizations:

Djoser | Sawadee | Koning Aap | SNP |

The most recent trip:

Before the Second World War, travelling was mainly reserved for the elite. Camping was also an elite 'sport' and originated in Great Britain in 1906. In the Netherlands, the first camping site was opened in Vierhouten in 1924. In the 1930s, this activity became more and more popular with the 'common man'. This was also the case with my father's father. Early 1930s the family went to Zeeland by car, pitched a few tents and enjoyed the free time.

After World War II, prosperity, leisure and mobility increased. More and more people went on holiday. My mother also often went to the province of Zeeland. Usually this was done by bicycle. When my parents were married in the late 1950s, they went to the French riviera on a honeymoon by train and the following year they went to Italy.

A few years later the focus was placed on family extension and this is how my sister, brother and myself were born and were already very lucky to become acquainted with the phenomenon 'holiday' in Zeeland at an early age. In 1966 we went on holiday by car to a holiday home on the coast in Italy.

Almost every year we went to Southern Europe and in the spring to the province of Zeeland. As I got older I also went away with friends like a train journey through Switzerland, by car again to Switzerland, Austria and Great Britain. My first trip by aeroplane was to the Canary Islands. Travel organizations such as Djoser and Sawadee emerged around 1985. In the beginning, these organizations specialized in only a few countries. Nowadays that number is much higher.

In 1999 my friends convinced me to go on an organized trip which became Australia and since then travelling became a kind of addiction.